Theraputty can be used to help with the following areas; hand strength, hand-eye co-ordination, manual dexterity, in hand manipulation, pincer grip, 2 handed co-ordination, finger isolation, finger extension, increase range of movement and upper limb strength. Most importantly, it is FUN!!

  • Theraputty - Elland, Halifax, Huddersfield
  • Dyspraxia DCD Activitie Elland, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds
  • Occupational Therapy Elland, West Yorkshire

Here is an Obstacle Course featuring Gonge River Stones, this helps with problem solving; balance; hand-eye co-ordination; core stability and control; calm movements; perception and turn taking.

  • Obstacle Course Activity - Dyspraxia DCD
  • Obstacle Course Activities - Dyspraxia DCD

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