Amazing, really helpful

"Thank you so much Nicky. I really didn't know what to expect but it's written amazingly. It just shows why he's been struggling so much. This is really going to help, thank you again!."
Ellis Havord Parent

Couldn't have asked for more

"I would recommend Nicky to anyone, she supported my son for a few years until he was old enough for a diagnosis and she's been fantastic. She quickly got to know him and consequently he really enjoyed seeing her and had lots of fun whilst having a very thorough assessment carried out. We now have a diagnosis and Nicky has made lots of recommendations for him for home and school going forward. Thank you so much for your support, your time and your patience, we couldn't have asked for more."

Highly recommended

"Nicky is an amazing occupational therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a private assessment or therapy. We opted for a full assessment for my 6 year old son who is having some difficulty, throughout the assessment Nicky was able to engage him in activities even though he didn't want to do them. (He likes to run) the report at the end was very detailed with tips on how to manage and help certain areas that were assessed, we were also given an exercise plan and sensory plan which is working great for my Spiderman. The report has also helped us gain access to some support which we couldn't get before. If you are considering a private occupational therapist i would highly recommend doing so. I wish we'd have found Nicky earlier. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us Nicky."
Carrie Jackson Parent

Understanding, amazing advice

"I would highly recommend OT 4 Kids with DCD. Nicky spent time and understood Lucas' difficulties really well, an in-depth assessment and report. The advice given to both home and school is amazing. Thank you. Kind Regards, Kelly."
K J Bentley Parent

Well worth the journey

"We travelled on a recommendation, from Newcastle, so that Nicky could assess our 6 year old. It was well worth the journey. Her assessment and diagnosis confirmed many of my thoughts and gave the information we now need to make sure that he is properly supported. Her excellent report will ensure that we as parents, can ensure that school understand his problems, and that we can all work with him so that he reaches his potential. Our son is a bright lad but his dysgraphia, if we hadn't taken the matter into our own hands, would have been left undiagnosed for many years and in the meantime, his self confidence would have been damaged. Moreover, Nicky fitted us in very quickly (perhaps sensing my desperation) which has meant we can now move on and plan a strategy to ensure he reaches his full potential regardless of his diagnosis."
Marian Parent

Highly professional

"Nicky was fantastic, really friendly and made my son and I feel at ease very quickly. My 5 year old son was having difficulties at school and with some physical activities. Everything about Nicky is highly professional, we had an appointment really quickly and her communication was timely. Nicky completed the report 2 weeks after our appointment, which was easily understood with lots of exercises and recommended equipment. I would definitely recommend Nicky, she was so patient and thorough. We were really pleased."
Janine Campbell Parent

Changed my daughter's life

"Nicky assessed my 19 year old daughter. I suspected she had dyspraxia when she was a toddler and only wish I had found Nicky and arranged an assessment years ago. School, college and the first term at University with a very significant, undiagnosed SpLd were needlessly hard and I would urge any parent not to wait as long as we did. Nicky has a lovely manner. Her report was very comprehensive but easy to understand as a lay person. It contained lots of simple, practical suggestions that my daughter can do for herself plus some very specific adjustments that can be made in education. I work in education myself and know SpLds and issues about low mood and anxiety often go together. Since receiving the diagnosis, the issues around my daughter's mental health has eased significantly- for the first time in her life she understands why things are so difficult for her and she doesn't feel so stupid or useless; if only she had had this insight years ago. It is absolutely not an understatement to say that this assessment has changed my daughter's life- and our lives as her parents."
Anon Parent

At ease

"Can not recommend Nicky Bament enough. My son came in for a full assessment. He was very anxious but within a few minutes Nicky made him at ease and he was ready to do the full assessment. The assessment was fantastic and Nicky really took her time over each part of the assessment making sure my son had regular movement breaks when he needed them. The report was absolutely great and very clear and easy to read. Lots of recommendations and plans for school to follow and for us to follow at home. Nicky has also been on hand to answer any of our questions at any time. I will definitely be using Nicky again for future assessments. Can not thank you Enough!"
Dawn and Michael Tate Parents

Very friendly

"I was recommended Nicky by a friend. My son was having difficulties at school especially with handwriting and physical coordination. We got an appointment really quickly and my son was assessed and we had a report that school could work with.
Nicky is incredibly friendly and makes you feel at ease. She has a huge amount of patience with children who sometimes find it difficult to cooperate with the assessment. The report was really clear and the school made a comment that it was the best report they had seen because the recommendations were so clear and they knew what they needed to do to make things easier for my son.
Seeing Nicky has helped us no end. My son is much happier at school and his teachers are much more accommodating of him."
Muz Ali Parent

Thank you

"I would definitely recommend Nicky Bament as an excellent Occupational Therapist, as she has had the patience of a Saint with my autistic son. From day one of my sons noted mobility issues ... dyspraxia, hand/eye co-ordination etc, she has advised and guided us to the point that my son, who had severe handwriting issues, has caught up to his peers at school. She was honest at the onset and my son improved much quicker than anticipated which was a bonus and she worked wonders on his fine and gross motor skills, ..(such as catching balls, movement etc ... thus he now has more confidence in his abilities and stamina). Got to lastly mention, she went directly into school and made a report on what they should and should not be doing as my son was often hiding under tables because he was avoiding writing because of stabbing pains in his hands but he was only 5 so did not understand. Her detailed report was given to school who implemented the changes, different writing equipment etc which stopped the hand issues and now he is achieving his full potential. Thank you ... you are amazing!."
Alison Hardaker Mother

Very impressed

"I have two children, both with DCD, ASD, Dysgraphia & Dyslexia so as you can imagine they both have a lot of additional needs. My boys have now been using this service for over two years and I cannot put into words the positive impact that it has had on them both emotionally and physically. My children struggled with tasks such as hopping, skipping, throwing, running & jumping not to mention writing, fastening clothing and just being able to sit still or stand without falling over. We had no idea why these tasks were so difficult for them and so we tried to encourage them to practice and keep trying harder. Once we found this service and it became apparent that their issues were in fact not for the lack of trying but because they had Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder we felt that we needed to try to help them improve and so signed up for weekly sessions. Since then we have regular improvement in both fine and gross motor skills, core strength, not to mention a huge increase in confidence for both boys. They can now complete all of the above mentioned tasks and no longer feel embarrassed or frustrated. The individual exercise plan that Nicky created for the boys to complete at home has worked perfectly to maximise the achievement and improvement in combination with the weekly sessions. Nicky Bament's knowledge and OT skill sets are only rivalled by her compassion, understanding and patience. Her impact goes way beyond the physical improvements that we have continued to see in both our children as the therapeutic relationship she has built with them has restored their faith in both themselves and professionals. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this service and the pride I have in seeing how far my children have come because of it, the milestones some may take for granted such as playing ball in the park, hopscotch in the playground or fastening shoelaces are milestones that we thought may never arrive but thanks solely to this service, Nicky's hard work and our children's dedication they have all arrived and continue to come each week. We have utilised lots of services over the years to try and improve our childre's lives and I can honestly say that this has been the most valuable and the one that I do not know where we would be without it."
Leah Webster Mother

Very good progress

"My then 4 year old son and I came to see see Nicky with concerns about DCD. Nicky listened to my concerns first, to decide whether or not an assessment was appropriate. When it came to doing the assessment, this was done in such a manner that relaxed my son, and felt more play-like to him. The subsequent written report was of a very high standard, with clear and succinct recommendations for both home and school,and I have been able to use it as the foundation of his IEP. Not only that Nicky provides valuable follow up, both via email, or in my case, liasing with the SENCO at school. Hence she is a strong advocate for the child. My son continued to have frequent OT sessions with her. These have not only improved his gross and fine motor abilities, but equally importantly his self esteem. He feels a sense of achievement in working with her. Nicky has a very patient, child centred approach to her sessions. My son can be difficult to engage, particularly if he knows a task is going to challenge him, but Nicky has a way of moving him past this. As my son progressed, she said it would not be ethical to see him as frequently, as he had made significant progress. I would whole heartedly recommend her without reservation."
Hazel Parent

Thank you

"I am writing to thank you about my special knobs on my rulers, I can already tell the difference and so can my teachers! I use them all the time now and I am finding that not only my straight lines are improving but so is my handwriting especially thanks to my new pencil and pen. I use my laptop every time we are doing a large sum of writing. Thanks for everything."
Elise Aged 10

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